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Angela McGlynn #1

Angela McGlynn is concealing dark secrets: engaging in vigilante activism in an attempt to dismiss self-destructive thoughts. When she employs recently discharged veteran John Knox to aid her in the search for a missing girl, she soon comes to realise that war has left him broken. As they both become embroiled ever deeper into a vortex of danger and half-truths rapidly spinning out of control, his need to rescue the girl and her insistence on exacting justice compel each of them to pursue a course of action with no regard for the potential psychological fallout.

Vigilante Investigator Justice Series


"Angela McGlynn would normally be described as ‘the female Jack Reacher’ or ‘the female Jack Ryan’. That’s selling her short…Tense, absorbing, intelligent and fulfilling."
Rowena Hoseason – Murder, Mayhem & More

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"...two engaging and memorable characters...Sharp has a talent for energetic engaging read and I look forward to more from her and the further exploits of McGlynn and Knox."


"The Breaks: Everything a fast-paced, gritty, West Coast gumshoe thriller ought to be. And more."



Eden Sharp

Author - Lecturer - Speaker

Eden Sharp spent twenty years in the music and computer games publishing industries and then moved into digital marketing. She has a bachelor’s degree in writing contemporary fiction: industry and practice, and a master’s degree in creative and critical writing. She currently teaches fiction writing and publishing at SSU and is an ambassador for the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Eden has published book #1 of a hardboiled crime thriller series, The Breaks, and the second, GET9, releases soon.

The start of an episodic speculative crime thriller series, Numinous, will also follow shortly.

She writes crime thrillers with high stakes, fully-rounded characters and plot twists that never let up until the adrenaline-packed climax.