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“Deviate from destiny and fate will intervene.”


Numinous is an episodic speculative crime thriller series which is planned to run to twenty episodes across five series. Each episode can be purchased separately or each complete series can be downloaded in it’s entirety. Series One (episodes #1-4) will be releasing in late 2017. Series Two will follow in 2018.

A suicidal FBI agent is out to stop an invincible serial killer on a divine mission. A mystery thriller; not about a good guy trying to solve a murder but about a good guy trying to commit a murder; why it is imperative he does and whether or not he succeeds.

FBI Special Agent Tom Mero is suicidal, falling apart after the loss of his family. His career is at risk but Mero is talented so his boss gives him a second chance to redeem himself. Determined to earn the faith shown in him he sets out to solve a series of murders. Mero must stop a serial killer who claims to be on a divine mission and who also appears to be invincible. Trouble is, Mero’s boss knows something he does not and Mero is set on a path where he must carry out acts he doesn’t remember ever agreeing to.