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VIJ Series Box Set

#1 – The Breaks (Novel)
Angela McGlynn is concealing dark secrets: engaging in vigilante activism in an attempt to dismiss self-destructive thoughts. When she employs recently discharged veteran John Knox to aid her in the search for a missing girl she soon comes to realize that war has left him broken. As they both become embroiled ever deeper into a vortex of danger and half-truths rapidly spinning out of control, his need to rescue the girl and her search for justice compel each of them to pursue a course of action with no regard for the potential psychological fallout.

#2 – GET9 (Novel)
Everything in Angela McGlynn’s life as she knows it is about to change. When you’re in the law enforcement business, it’s not ideal when your criminal past begins to resurface.

Running background checks on the personnel of a local tech company in her native San Francisco, Angela McGlynn finds herself caught up in an impossible situation when the federal government becomes involved. Immersed in a rapidly changing scenario in which allies and allegiances are switching fast, secrets from her dark past begin to surface which threaten to destroy her and those closest to her.

#3 – Zero Day (Short Story)
Ever wondered what early experiences shaped Angela McGlynn thirst for justice? An incident in McGlynn’s teenage years provides an insight and relates to one particular character from both The Breaks and GET9.

“Angela McGlynn would normally be described as the female Jack Reacher. That’s selling her short.”
– Murder, Mayhem & More